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Robert Devane started Martial Arts at five years of age. Starting with judo, boxing and karate, Robert continued to study many different styles of Martial Arts. He has achieved a black belt in Kickboxing, a black belt in Freestyle Karate, a black belt in Kenpo and a black belt in Tae KwonDo. Competitively, Robert has won many titles including several Irish, European and World medals. He is one of very few professional Martial Arts instructors in this country. Robert was delighted to be involved in the 100 Fighter Kumite event because it was an opportunity to give something back to a worthy charity while taking part in a rare Martial Arts feat of endurance that very few have successfully completed.


I BEAT 100 FIGHTERS - Documentary - As Seen On TV.

'I Beat 100 Fighters' follows World Champion Robert Devane taking on 100 Kickboxing opponents, one after the other without any breaks between rounds. This documentary shows Robert's training leading up to this amazing feat of fighting endurance which was all in aid of Barnardos Children's Charity.

"This is like running a marathon while being kicked and punched at the same time!"
- Ireland Am, TV3

"He must be mad!"
- Fm104

"Amazing.......Battling under the hot spotlights, he landed a barrage of roundhouse kicks and staggering punches on his stronger opponents."
- The Sun

"It's a serious feat of endurance and one that is rarely performed. It has never been done like this before."
- Tommy O' Toole, Journalist

"He gave me a kick, the like of which I have never felt before. Even my bone marrow hurt!"
- Declan Browne, opponent & Irish Champion Kickboxer

"It was fantastic to have been a part of this spectacular event."
- Barnardos Children's Charity.

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